Professional Grade Features

Multi-purpose and Practical

Multi-purpose and Practical

VizShock offers both the intense red and blue pulse mode and a cool white beam mode with the convenience of in-device charging. This makes VizShock the ideal choice for both trained individuals and homeowners alike as a self defense, deterrent device in low light situations.

Emergency Medical TeamsEmergency Medical Teams


Fire FightersFire Fighters

Armed ForcesArmed Forces

Law EnforcementLaw Enforcement

Patent Pending Technology

Patent Pending

VizShock's patent pending non-lethal non-contact pulse technology flashes high intensity red and blue strobe beams at different frequencies and causes over stimulation in the sensory input. Compared to single frequency single color strobe lights, this induces stronger discomfort and more confidently triggers an aversion response for personal protection.

High Quality and High Intensity Light Output

High Intensity and High Quality

VizShock's incorporate industry leading Cree white, red, and blue LEDs to ensure it has the required brilliance for each color. These are coupled with TIR Optics to provide high quality beams to usage in both everyday and self defense situations.

Compact and Rugged Design

Compact and Rugged

VizShocks are machined from aircraft grade aluminium. The X-13 series has a Type III anodized finish. VizShock LED lights are ergonomically designed to be easily and confidently held during encounters for self defense. The X-13T comes with a rail mount and tail switch.

Visual Shock Technology

In addition to a high quality and high intensity cool white beam, VizShock incorporates a powerful multi-frequency red and blue light pulse mode to provide a visual shock effect and induce aversion responses from the intended target when needed for self defense. This patent pending strobe technology provides crucial time for bearers of VizShock to assess and manage an encounter when the assailant is disorientated. It allows the bearer to exercise self-defense and assert control of an encounter more confidently in a non-lethal non-contact manner.

Advisory: The following video has the potential to induce seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. If you have photosensitive epilepsy or feel you may be susceptible to a seizure, do not watch the videos or look away.

Note:  Due to the limited frame rate of the video capture and playback, the timing of the high frequency pulses do not render accurately in this playback.