VizShock Professional X-13T

VizShock Professional X-13T is an essential companion to law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS, and military personnel. VizShock Professional X-13T enables these professionals to take control of an encounter with the following features:

  • High Intensity White Beam
  • High Intensity Multi-Frequency Red and Blue Pulse Beam
  • Mil-Spec Type III anodized aluminium finish
  • IP65 Rated
  • TIR Optic
  • Rail Mount and Tail Switch
  • Ergonomic Design

The multi-frequency red and blue pulse allows VizShock to disrupt a suspect if the suspect's posture changes in an unexpected manner. Switching from covering the suspect with the standard high intensity white beam to the multi-frequency red and blue strobe triggers an aversion response, giving the bearer crucial time to assess a situation, better react and strengthen control of the encounter.

The TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optics redirects the total light output providing a greater throw and higher candela even at lower light output. This allows for a smaller head design and lower operating temperatures. The TIR optic collimates the light output from each LED without the need of a reflector.

Advisory: Prolonged viewing will cause discomfort and possible photobiological risk. VizShock should only be used by trained personnel.  Always read operating manual before use.  Keep out of reach of children at all time.  People with photosensitive epileptic symptoms should cover one eye immediately and turn away from the light source.

Note:  VizShock should only be used according to your local laws and regulations. This product may be restricted for use by authorized law enforcement personnel in your area. Please check with your local police force if in doubt. Purchases cannot be returned due to restrictions in use by law.

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VizShock Professional X-13/13T Video Captures

Advisory: The following videos have the potential to induce seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. If you have photosensitive epilepsy or feel you may be susceptible to a seizure, do not watch the videos or look away. 

Note:  Due to the limited frame rate of the video capture and playback, the timing of the high frequency pulses do not render accurately in this playback

VizShock Professional X-13/13T Specifications

Characteristic X-13/X-13T
Power Pulse: 10 watts. White: 3 watts
Number of LED 3 LED (1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 White) Cree XLamp XP-E2
Luminous Power Pulse: 90* lm. White: 100 lm
Pulsing Colors Red and Blue
Pulsing Frequency 12~15 Hz + 50 Hz
Effective Range (Day) 2 m
Effective Range (Night) 3 m
Power Supply 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable (2600 mAh)
Usage Time White: 5 hours per charge
Pulse: 3.5 hours per charge
LED TIR Lens 6 degree angle optical lens
Casing Material Aerospace Aluminum Alloy
Size 175 x 37 mm / 6.9 x 1.5 in.
(Max Length x Max Diameter)
X-13T includes Extendable Tail Switch 280mm / 11.0 in.
Weight X-13: 175 g / 6.9 oz (inc. battery)
X-13T: 188 g/ 6.6 oz (inc battery)
(exc. 51 g / 1.8 oz rail mount)
Color Black
Additional Features Tactical Crowned Bezel.
IP65 rated.
Drop Tested to 2 m.
Tail and Click End Caps options
Picatinny Mount option
Battery Charger 5V/1A AC 100V-240V


Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 140 × 240 × 40 cm

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