VizShock components are designed to be modular and can be integrated into a multitude of solutions. These include

  • Automotive, Marine or Aviation security systems,
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial security systems,
  • Unmanned and Remote Controlled vehicles
  • Internet connected devices
  • Man portable and Fixed devices 

Riot Shield

Separated Control and Power Modules to lower center of gravity. Ergonomic thumb toggle switch.

VizShock Riot Shield X-228S (OEM) Video Captures

Advisory: The following videos have the potential to induce seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. If you have photosensitive epilepsy or feel you may be susceptible to a seizure, do not watch the videos or look away. 

Note:  Due to the limited frame rate of the video capture and playback, the timing of the high frequency pulses do not render accurately in this playback

VizShock Professional X-228S (OEM) Specifications

Characteristic Specification
Power Pulse: 228 watts. White: 36 watts
Number of LED 88 LED (32 Blue, 44 Red, 12 White) Cree XLamp XQ-E2 HI
Luminous Power Pulse: 4000* lm. White: 3000 lm
Pulsing Colors Red and Blue
Pulsing Frequency 12~15 Hz + 50 Hz
Effective Range (Day) 5 m
Effective Range (Night) 10 m
LED TIR Lens 15 degree angle optical lens
Casing Material Aluminum Alloy
Size OEM Specifications
Weight OEM Specifications
Color OEM Specifications

* pending laboratory testing