Wall Mount

VizShock Wall Mounts are ideal for both commercial and residential use.  Each VizShock Wall Mount includes the following features making it an ideal zonal self-defense.

  • High Intensity White Beam
  • High Intensity Multi-Frequency Red and Blue Pulse Beam
  • TIR Optics
  • Easy integration to existing home security systems
  • Tamper Proof Design

Its multi-frequency red and blue pulse allows you to pause and deter trespassers and potential assailant. It provides you with active deterrence beyond the typical flood light white beam while attracting needed attention. The VizShock Wall Mounts can be installed and connected to and triggered by typical home security systems.

The TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optics redirects the total light output providing a greater throw and higher candela even at lower light output. This allows for a smaller head design and lower operating temperatures. The TIR optic collimates the light output from each LED without the need of a reflector. For the X-114, clusters of TIR optics assemble an uniformed beam from the high number of LEDs.


Characteristic Specification
Power Pulse: 228 watts. White: 36 watts
Number of LED 88 LED (32 Blue, 44 Red, 12 White) Cree XLamp XQ-E2 HI
Luminous Power Pulse: 40001 lm. White: 3000 lm
Pulsing Colors Red and Blue
Pulsing Frequency 12~15 Hz + 50 Hz
Effective Range (Day) 5 m
Effective Range (Night) 10 m
Expected Input Voltage 12VDC Red(+)
LED TIR Lens 15 degree angle optical lens
Casing Material Aluminum Alloy
Size X-228 : 3202 x 147 x 29 mm / 11.4 x 5.8 x 1.1 in (Length x Height x Depth)
Weight X-228 : Approx 900 g / 32 oz
Color Black
Additional Features IP651
Current: 10A
Independent wiring for White and Pulse

1 pending laboratory testing
2 includes 15 mm/ 0.6in (per Screw Mount Flange on 2 sides)

VizShock Wall Mount X-228 Video Captures

Advisory: The following video has the potential to induce seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. If you have photosensitive epilepsy or feel you may be susceptible to a seizure, do not watch the videos or look away.

Note:  Due to the limited frame rate of the video capture and playback, the timing of the high frequency pulses do not render accurately in this playback.